TacTus is a fully decentralized Stable Token

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TacTus Will become The world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for global payments

TacTus Will be Better Than ALL Competitors

The current altcoin landscape is characterized by extreme volatility, FOMO, dumps, and inflation. TacTus's goal is to offer a deflationary asset with protections for dumping and monetary incentives for holding. This utility token has features like an anti-dump tax, holder rewards, and burns on every sell. We're also planning more burns and rewards systems, such as yield farming/staking, airdrops, and NFT drops. TacTus gives access to certain community features, such as private groups where nascent projects are announced and incubated, as well as governance.

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Peer-to-Peer Transactions

TacTus is a fully decentralized token running on the BSC Network which makes all transactions p2p.

Secured plarform

We will always reperform our smart contract audit to make sure the project is always secured.

Community controlled

All deveoper rights renounced. control of the tokens will be based on what the community wants


650,000,000,000 M
422,500,000,000 M
50,000,000,000 M
100,000,000,000 M
150,000,000,000 M
  • 65%

    Liquidity lock

  • 15%


  • 10%


  • 10%

    CEX listings

Why you should Consider us

We have strategic features added to our token that will yeild all Holders a long term stable Return of investment for life. such features are

  • 5% Auto burn

    after every transaction, made on the blockchain, 5% fee is burnt

  • 3% HODL intrest

    You receive a stable monthly intrest for just HODLing tokens

  • 250% Stake APR

    You receive ~250% Yearly ROI for staking TacTus/BNB in our Pool

  • 5% Fee Distribution

    after every transaction 5% FEE is redistributed to all holders

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Our Main Road Map

  • July 2022
    Launch Token

    Launch (Token contract creation on B.S.C, Airdrop distribution $ Presale)

  • August 2022
    Token TacTus listing on PancakeSwap

    Verifications and BSC RE-Listings (RE-Listing BSC TOKEN on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and other verification/trust lists. First NFT drop).

  • September 2022
    Smart Rewards Launched

    Rewards program for yield farming , staking program , and Hodling, and Fees Launched).

  • October 2022
    NFT Marketplace & Launchpad

    Low Fee NFT Minting Facility and Marketplace.and accessible to members of the TacTus Network

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